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June 17, 2018

Wine’s of the island Hvar


Wines of the island hvar

Hvar’s wine heritage is pre-dating the arrival of the Ancient Greeks, and local vineyards are benefiting exposed to the most sun of any island in Europe, so it is hardly surprising that the wine’s of island of Hvar is attracting increasing international attention. Untouched nature, with salt from the sea breeze, pure air and a tradition that last millenia give these wine’s a profund and exclusive taste recognised by the worlds connoisseur’s.

And the best thing is, it is still uncharted teritory! So if you are travelling to Hvar explore hundreds of local tasting spots…You never know…You just might find a new star in the world of wine’s,

Croatia has some of the most innovative and charismatic winemakers, whose wines are exported as far away as China, California and Singapore, and whose medal-winning tradition also spans the globe, and it is not hard to understand why Hvar wine tourism on Croatia’s premier island – the island of lavender – is on the rise.

In an age of globalisation, let’s not forget the indigenous varieties which make Hvar unique. Plavac Mali is the pride of Dalmatia’s reds, a relative of Zinfandel, but don’t miss the whites, including Bogdanusa, which only grows on Hvar and translates as ‘a gift from God’.

Beautiful landscapes with great mountain slopes makes island Hvar a perfect home to indigenous and international grape varieties. Beautiful terraced vineyards are surrounding picturesque villages of Svirče, Vrisnik, Vrbanj, Pitve and Dol, where most of the Hvar wineries are situated. Beside the central vineyards on island Hvar, there are famous south-facing vineyards of Medvid bod, Ivan Dolac and Sv Nedelja spreading across the mountain slopes.


Villa Kogo – come and taste the wine’s of Hvar

Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate and hard work of local farmers, the karst landscape was turned into arable vineyards, olive groves, orchards, lavender fields, flower meadows and forests, interlaced with dry-stone walls and mounds making island Hvar looking like a mosaic when seen from the air. The most noticeable local varietal is Plavac mali. Wines from Plavac mali have seductive and very distinct flavour which makes them distinguish.

When You come to Hvar, You just have to go visit some of the local producers or join a local wine tasting tour. Wines and dalmatian – mediterran couisine go hand to hand and creata a perfect combination and synergy!

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