Hidden history of Hvar town Arsenal

Once you come to town of Hvar, you will definitely want to visit one of the most iconic ancient buildings in town – Hvar Theater and Arsenal, which has its inevitable place in the history of the European theater in general, since it was founded in 1612 as the first civic theater in Europe. The theater was set up over an even more famous Arsenal building, the most recognizable in the town of Hvar, the area that was used to repair ancient maritime vessels and was a repository of naval supplies.


Today, the Hvar Theater is open to public use. In the same area there is a Gallery of Contemporary Art which is open for visitors during the tourist season. But the Arsenal has more secrets to tell…
Just recently archeological surveys conducted during the renovation of this world heritage building found spectacular Roman finds under Europe’s oldest public theatre. A whole new set of discoveries emerged some dating as far as the first and second centuries.
This proves that the town of Hvar has a spectacular and thrilling history which is still being discovered and explored. When You visit the town, You simply have to visit this iconic building.
One more fact You probably didn’t know and is worth remembering:
Hvar is the only island in the world with four UNESCO heritage sites!
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